Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 4: pick a moment when you felt most alive this year... (and November family self portrait)

I can't choose one moment, but I can say that every now and then the fact that I have a family creeps up on me and hits me full force "BAM!" a feeling so strong it  nearly throws me to the ground.

We may be doing nothing or something totally inconsequential. Maybe I just come across some little shoes left on the hall way and "BAM!" it overwhelms me, my chest fills with love and pride and a certain amount of disbelief, that this is my life, that I made these people, that we make this family, that we are building this life together. A feeling so strong it makes my chest hurt and barely fits inside of me.

Did you have a "BAM!" moment this year? one of those moments where you are totally overwhelmed (by love, surprise, pain...)

Although I had planned something different and hope to still do it,  I'm afraid this is going to have to do as my November family self portrait, at least for now. To learn a bit more about that project go here, and to look at the other months you con go to the links below. (my fave so far is October)