Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10: the beauty of different

Ok, even I struggled to get the challenge done today... busy people that we are, but that is kind of the point of the challenge, to take time from running around to think and appreciate....

I'm pretty sure if people had to describe what makes me ME, the top  mentions would be: 

1. My unruly hair and my chinito eyes

Unruly and unmanageable,  I love my hair, and I've had it in almost every colour available

2. I'm tall

 3. I'm blunt to the point of rude .... when not being funny ( try to photograph that one... I dare you)

4. I'm passionate

5. a little odd (for the most part in a good way)

but then I went out with the hubs and got curious... he said:

1. I'm exotic (i.e. chinito eyes)
2. ethical 
3. creative (kind of passionate right?)
4. homey (as in I like my home, and being home, and... well, he wasn't that specific so maybe he meant something else)
5. unusual (i.e. a little odd)

so it appears we mostly agree...

have you asked your loved ones?...