Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11: never ending story

good thing I'm not an engineer 
So the last thing I made, whereby my computer was not involved, was this gingerbread train. It was fun putting it together with the kids, although I think we should have stuck to the gingerbread house because we barely managed to get the train to stand, and I got all anal, and then had to remind myself that the point of the exercise WAS NOT a good looking train, but for the kids to have fun....

I also recently took face painting lessons. It is a really fun thing to do with the kids, and I love the feeling of doing something manual with them. I am the star mom when it comes to play dates (at least in my books). How this happened is actually quite sad: I accidentally volunteered to face paint at the princess' school party. Having never done it before, some of them came out ok, others, one in particular which still haunts me, was a disaster.... so I got all anal and decided to learn to do a better job next year (we start to see a theme here...)  

what I want to make that I need to carve time out for?

My book. Crossing the River is 80% finished as per last year's goal, and this year, other than a quick run through in early February, I've had no time to look at it. It's harder now because I can't just work a bit at night, I really feel I need a good chunk of time to go through it because I am looking at things like  structure,  and  flow... and you just can't do that in bits here and there. 

I worry that nearly a year has passed with no progress. I also feel (hope maybe?) that it is maturing, and hopefully when I do manage to finish, it will be better off because of this time. I even considered starting book 2 and letting this one macerate a bit longer,  give it more perspective, but I  worry that if I don't finish soon it will just be yet  another book that just never got finished.

So, bizarrely enough, I have to hope to NOT get work at some point next year, so that I can pull this one through....