Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 17 &18: delight in the senses


if I couldn't see I could not see your face. 
I could not see your smile. I could not see the dew or the horizon's fading light.

If I could not see I would not understand the words red or bright. 
I'd miss the deep blue of the ocean, and their small little faces.

If I could not see I could only guess the beauty of the flowers, 
or of the travelleler that crosses my path.

If I could not see I would not see the rainbow, the glimmer, the lightning, 
the moon's reflection, the tear  sliding from your eye

If I could not see the world would be black. 
There would be sound and music, and the sound of thunder. 
But I could not see your smile.


the world is at my tongue's tip: the exotic, the familiar, the old and the new.
with my  tongue I can lick soft, slippery and hard.
the candy of life, burn it with spices or indulge it in jam


I can smell your body, I can smell your hair, 
the stew that is welcoming me home and the rain that has not fallen yet.


I can hear the tip toes approaching, I can hear a sigh, 
your steps on the snow, your dreams on the sand
I can hear melodies in your footsteps, 
the soft sheets gliding, your cold feet reaching for mine

but none of that would mean anything  if I could not hold you. 
touch your your face, touch your  hand, make you safe, make you warm

Cuddled into my arms I can  smell your clean hair, 
and then heaven and hell overwhelm all my senses

sweat slides slowly  down my skin.

I can smell and hear you. 

even with my eyes close I can see you.