Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 19: I should either learn to say no or join a circus

I often like to think of myself like this

you know, successful, doing what I love, while keeping my career and having enough time for the kids.

 But really, most of the time I look like this

and that is on a good hair day.

I need to learn how to put some of the balls down every now and then. Take this  December challenge for example, did I really need this? you know with the whole finish a report 10 days before taking the family away, and by the way don't forget the family monthly portrait, or the traditional family christmas cards photographed by yours truly...

the problem is I love all those balls, but one of these days one is going to smack me in the face, and in the meantime, it is me and the kids that suffer when something's gotta give.

So here's to better time management, and more realistic self-expectations in 2012