Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 3: on life's surprises and keeping sense of wonder

I love how life throws you surprises. Ok. admittedly I don't always love those suprises but..

Patricia Fernández-Pacheco- "Manual para Acróbatas" (Torremozas 2011)  

this here reading a page from her recently published poetry book is someone I have known, or rather e-known, for almost two years now, but only met in person last month. 

She is someone I know through work. so imagine my surprise when I casually received an invite to her book launch.

I admit it makes me jealous that she finds the  time to write when I haven't even touched my book for a couple of months now. Not to mention the fact that this is her second published book. But I was grateful to be  there. I was grateful for this spontaneous "artist date", this opportunity to get off the wagon of life, if only for a couple of hours, and remember the little things that inspire me. That sense of wonder and delight in the little things that art requires. The ability to  take something old, something that people don't even notice anymore, and make it new. 

This is at the heart of my photography. Trying to capture what normally you don't even notice.

The (unofficial) prompt for today was  "What are some things you held onto in 2011 that you would like to let go of in 2012?" 

I want to turn it around and think of the things that I want to keep hold of, and that thing is my desire to keep learning and growing. This year I started guitar lessons. The princess has kids in her class that are at 5 years old and  probably better than me. Who cares, it is not about that, it is not about them, it is about doing something you love, even if it makes no sense. And making the time for it, for you, for the little part in you that wants to be inspired.

I also loved that  someone that I knew had something so unexpected about her. 

I love it (for the most part) when life throws me surprises, and reminds me not to take too many assumptions for granted. 
what about you? what do you want to let go off this year? what do you want to hold on to?