Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 21: my name is Helga

Hi, my name is Helga. I'd shake your hand but have just finished running 5 miles and am covered in sweat. I just can't let a day go by without breaking a sweat.  I like to get up early in the morning, when everyone is still sleeping, get some work done, and go for a run when the air is still clean and cold. By the time most people are having their first coffee I've finished running, showered, straightened my hair, had my home made  green juice and am at my desk working. oh how rude of me, I forgot to mention what I do, I am a cartoonist. I used to work at a fashion magazine, did a bit of everything from styling the shots to writing the pieces, but I decided to go with my passion which is drawing. I know cartoons don't pay much but I love to draw people the way I see them in my head. and that is always a cartoon. 

I live with my dog in an open loft that looks like a museum. I like to have very few things around me. Anything that does not serve a purpose has to go. everything has to have its place. I hate I'm like that but I can't help it. I draw most of the day but in the evenings I go to dance class. I did it professionally for a little while as well but hurt my ankle. Probably for the best, it's a demanding lifestyle, but I still love to dance.

why did I choose Helga?

because she does all the things I wish I could, but can't do:

I can't wake up early 
I can't exercise every day
I hate the cold
I can't be fashionable, and can't straighten my hair even if my life depended on it. 
I can't keep my house tidy
I can't stop accumulating (much loved and beautiful) things for my house
I can't have a dog (dead allergic)
and I can't draw the cartoons of how I see people inside my head