Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 24: wisdom

Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made, and how did it play out?

I've really been racking my brain on this one and can't come up with anything.  Again, I don't think there is ONE decision that has been so significant this year, but there have been  a few rules or lessons learned that I think have helped me to deal with a rather exciting year.  

Mainly, I think I trust my gut more, (like pulling my son out of his new school before he had even started),  I just accepted that some things needed to be done or happen, and that there was no point in worrying about it (I'm thinking the move).  I choose my battles, but also put my foot down for the important things

I think the wisest thing that I have done this year is just take it easy on myself. I don't always have the answers. I don't always get it right, (that is NOT new) but I no longer feel the pressure to do so. I no longer feel the pressure to be there every time someone needs me, some "me" time and "me" activities are now perfectly acceptable.  I think I am becoming increasingly flexible. There just seems to be a little skip in my stride....

how does it play out? I smile a lot more, stress a lot less.