Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 13: you have 5 minutes to rescue what you can from 2011... go!

·    trip to Peru, tropicokis and general mayhem  with the family and my grandma

visit to family in Marbella (and the food)

visit to family in alghero (and the food)

yoga lessons in the hague

riding my bike by the canals,  through the forests….

trip to Ethiopia, an absolutely amazing country

my first guitar tunes

mario’s first word (reading), mila practically reading…

Returning to bologna, the scene of the crime, 15 years later with the hubs
Visit to Heidi’s home town in engelberg (family)... (not so much the food)

Friends: those left behind in Holland (and other places), and the ones I got to see again after (in some cases) 23 years ... ouch!

Lazy strolls in Amsterdam

Our first summer in NY

The family self portrait project (insert heart here)

And still to come:
·      Seeing Annie Leibowiz, one of my greatest idols, in person (tomorrow night)
·      Family holiday in Miami/ Disney (with 11 kids  in tow….)

so basically: family, friends, food and travel ... priceless